Alec Pulvidente





I've been creating tech videos on Youtube since 2008 going by the name of Everything Tech and now it's time to change it up. I have decided to recreate the entire Youtube channel, name, style, types of videos, etc. My all new channel will be featuring videos such as adventures that vary from snowmobiling, to wakeboarding, to boating, to longboarding, to cliff jumping and more. You guys are about to experience an alot more entertaining channel, rather than me just sit on my ass talking about every new piece of technology that comes out, like every other 75% of youtubers. I decided I want my Youtube channel to be different. So I thought to myself, what do I do thats different? And it hit me it's the reason why I have a GoPro. Why not create Youtube videos based on what I do most of the time and thats what I decided.

At this time, my channel releases content to 290+ subscribers & has served 200,000+ video views.

Every day my channel continues to grow and content just keeps getting better and better, CLICK HERE to subscribe.